Anonymous asked:
does the no edge on the futuras hurt at all? how different is it from a normal shoe? do you feel yourself slipping more since there is no edge? also, do they stretch?

I climbed with them today.. and OH DAYUM! These babies are HOTHOTHOT!

They’re actually very comfortable once you slip them on, considering that I bought them a half size bigger than what I normally wear; they are quite snug on my feet. A friend of mine who wears 38’s in La Sportiva shoes decided that they would be too small after she wore my pair(38’s) for a climb, and is planning on buying the Futuras a half size larger. My toes did start to tingle once I removed them after climbing a 12, but I regained the normal feel in my toes soon after.

They do stretch and conform to your feet once you break them in, of course. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet ):

OH, the Futuras stick to the wall like glue, especially on the bolt holes at times; this means that you have to be precise with your foot placements. I have also yet to slip off a tiny, slopey foot jib, and somehow manage to trust my feet more on them. (Pfft, manage -I LOVE YOU FUTURAS)

They are definitely more aggressive, and technical. Don’t buy them if you plan on just climbing 5.5’s or 5.8’s,unless you want to be a master at climbing low “techy” grades. 
I hope this helped!  

filth-parade asked:
What shoes are climbing in?

La Sportiva Futura (:

thc-wanderer asked:
It's awesome to see girl climbers. How long have you been doing it?

(: I’ve been climbing for a year and a half now! And quickly progressing